Areas of expertise include:

  • Food Law: United Kingdom and European Union
  • Product development advice
  • Quality assurance: product quality, hygiene and environmental control
  • Good manufacturing practice
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) advice and support
  • Regulatory advice on food labelling and advertising
  • Claims advice: Nutrition, health and other claims
  • Trouble shooting advice on product complaints, particularly adverse reactions
  • Technical information services

All services are tailored to the client’s requirements.

Berry Ottaway & Associates Ltd (BOA) specialises in all aspects of UK and European food law, but particularly that relating to the composition, labelling, advertising and sale in the UK and mainland Europe of food/dietary supplements and functional foods, such as weight control and sports products.

The company advises on all aspects of food technology, processing and stability from the raw materials to the final products, particularly in relation to supplements.

BOA has been involved in the preparation of Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (GMPs) for trade associations and professional organisations in Europe and were one of the first consultancies in the United Kingdom and Europe to apply the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point assessments (HACCP) to food production processes.


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